ISU Shanghai Trophy Synchronized Skating






ISU Shanghai Trophy 2017


 An Invitational International Senior Competition




Synchronized Skating



 organized by

 Chinese Skating Association



 held in


Shanghai, China

 November 24 - 26, 2017



 under the authorization of the






1.  General Regulations


The ISU Shanghai Trophy 2017 is an Invitational Competition for Short Track Speed Skating, Figure Skating and Synchronized Skating. For the Figure Skating and Short Track Speed Skating competitions, please refer to the respective Announcements.


Participation in the ISU Shanghai Trophy 2017 is open to the top five (5) placed ISU Members of the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2017 and one (1) Team of the hosting ISU Member.


Each participating Team must belong to an ISU Member and qualify with regard to eligibility according to Rule 102, provided the ages fall within the limits specified in Rule 108, paragraph 4 a) and they meet the participation, citizenship and residency requirements according to Rule 109, paragraphs 1 and 2 d) and ISU Communication No. 2030 (or any update of this Communication). In case that any of the invited Team(s) is not able to participate, the next ranked ISU Member from the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2017 can be invited.


Each participating team must consist of sixteen (16) Skaters and may have up to a maximum of four (4) alternates listed on the Team Entry Form (Rule 800, paragraph 2 a) and 2 c).



2.  Program/Schedule


As Appendix A (Preliminary Event Schedule)



3.  Technical Data


Place                                   Shanghai Oriental Sports Center


        701 Yaoti Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

        (an indoor ice-rink with the ice surface of 60 x 30 m, air-conditioned and heated)


SHORT PROGRAM                     Duration: 2 minutes and 50 seconds, but may be less,


The General Short Program Elements and requirements are listed in Rule 991, paragraphs 1.a), 2, and 3, Rule 992, paragraphs 1.a), 2.a) and 3.a). The Short Program Elements and Requirements to be skated for Season 2017/18 are listed in ISU Communication 2084.


FREE SKATING                          Duration: 4 minutes, 30 seconds, +/- 10 seconds


The Well Balanced Program Requirements are listed in Rule 991, paragraphs 1.b), 2 and 4, Rule 992, paragraph 1. b), 2.b) and 3. The Free Skating Elements and Requirements to be skated for Season 2017/18 are listed in ISU Communication 2084.



4.  Entries of Synchronized Skating Teams


The following ISU Members are qualified for participation or as substitute in accordance with the criteria of the placement of the ISU Members at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2017 and in case of a tie the better place of the respective ISU Member in the ISU World Standings for Synchronized Skating:


ISU Member

Order of qualification







United States of America






1st substitute


2nd substitute


3rd substitute

Each ISU Member, qualified for participation as above, may enter with one Team,


ISU Members invited with a team must confirmation their participation to the Organizing Committee, the ISU Secretariat and Ms. Marie Lundmark by September 15, 2017 latest.


ISU Members must enter their invited Teams (including Skaters (16 plus 4 alternates), 1 Coach, 1 Team Manager) by name on the official entry forms. The entries by name for Skaters, as well as the Entry of Judges (see para 5.1) and Delegation must reach the following by October 13, 2017:


Organizing Committee


Chinese Skating Association (CSA)

Xu Yue

E-mail: and


Phone: +86 21 2023 8316


ISU Secretariat

Mrs. Marie Lundmark

Patricia Mayor

ISU Council member




All Teams must return the “Program Content Sheet” together with the entry forms to the Organizing Committee. It is not permitted to hand over the Program Content Sheets directly to the acting Officials.



5.  Officials


5.1  Judges


Each invited participating ISU Members (5) may nominate one (1) Judge with the qualification “International” or “ISU”. The entered Judges must be listed on the current ISU list of Referees and Judges for Synchronized Skating 2017/18.


5.2  ISU Appointed Officials


The Referee, Technical Controller, Technical Specialists (2), and Data & Replay Operators will be appointed by the ISU.


5.3  Meetings for ISU Event Officials


The Initial Judges Meeting will be held on November 23, 2017 (time and place tba).

The Judges' Round Table Discussion will be held on Saturday evening, November 25, 2017.


All other official meetings for Technical Panels, Referees and Technical Controllers will be announced in the detailed schedule in due time.



6.  Travel Expenses, Accommodation and Meals 

6.1 Travel Expenses


All travel expenses for the participating Teams and their accompanying staff must be covered by the participating ISU Member itself.


The ISU will cover travel expenses for the invited Referee, Technical Controller, the two (2) Technical Specialists, the Data and Replay Operators at economy rates from their home to Shanghai and return. The flight bookings will be made through the ISU Secretariat.


The travel for Judges will be borne by the Member.


6.2  Accommodation and Meals


The Organizing Committee will provide and cover the following expenses for each participating Teams (Skaters (max 20) and one (1) Coach, the Referee and Judges, the Technical Controller, Technical Specialists, Data/Replay Operators as follows:


·   Hotel accommodation and Meals (beginning with lunch on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 and ending with breakfast on Monday, November 27, 2017)

·   Access to Closing Banquet


Teams and Officials, arriving earlier or leaving later than the period as mentioned above need to cover the expenses by themselves.


All other Team Officials, Coaches, Medical staff, and Chaperones should bear their own expenses for accommodation and meals.


The cost of a room (including three meals) at the official hotel is as follows:

·         Single Room ( per person, per night): CNY1400


·         Double Room ( per person, per night): CNY1000


The above prices include three meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Payment: Cash; in Chinese Yuan or Credit card.


All arrangements for accommodation must be made through the Organizing Committee and all fees for accommodation must be paid directly to the Organizing Committee. All other additional costs (extras) must be paid directly to the hotel.


 7.  Official Practices


Official Practice for Teams will begin on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 and all Teams must be present in Shanghai at the latest on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 18.00 for the Team Leaders Meeting. The detailed practice and competition schedule will be issued at the time of registration.


 8.  Music


In accordance with Rule 823, paragraph 1, Teams shall furnish competition music of excellent quality on CD or any other approved format. The discs must show the exact running time of the music (not skating time), which shall be certified by the Team and by the coach, when submitted at the time of registration. Each program (Short Program/Free Skating) must be recorded on one track and on a separate disc. Teams must provide a back-up drive for each program.


The titles, composers and orchestras of the music to be used for the Short Program and Free Skating programs must be listed for each Team on the official Music Information Form and attached to the official Entry Forms.


 9.  Arrival & Departures of Teams


The date, airline, flight number, expected time of arrival and the date and time of departure at Hongqiao Airport (SHA) and Pudong International Airport (PVG) should be communicated to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, but not later than October 13, 2017.


10.  Transportation


The Organizing Committee will provide transportation between at Hongqiao Airport (SHA) and Pudong International Airport (PVG) and the official hotels, from Tuesday, November 21, 2017.


The OC will also provide transportation between the official Hotel and Shanghai Oriental Sports Center starting from Tuesday, November 21, 2017.


11.  Official Hotel


The Organizing Committee will arrange hotel reservations for the participants at the following official hotel:


Hua Ting Hotel & Towers

1200 North Cao Xi Road, Shanghai, China.

Telephone: +86 21 5151 7070

Fax: +86 21 6255 2830


Hotel requirements must be communicated to the Organizing Committee ASAP but not later than October 13, 2017


12.  Liability


In accordance with Rule 119, it is the sole responsibility of each ISU Member participating in the ISU Shanghai Trophy 2017, to provide medical and accident insurance for their Athletes, Officials and other members of the ISU Member’s Team. Such insurance must assure full medical attendance and also return to the home country by air transport or by other expeditious means of the ill or injured person.


The ISU, the Chinese Skating Association and the Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for or liability with respect to bodily or personal injury or property damage incurred in connection with the ISU Shanghai Trophy 2017 by Teams and Officials.


13.  Anti-Doping Controls


The Anti-Doping tests will be conducted in accordance with the current ISU Anti-Doping Rules & Procedures (ISU Communication No 1922 & 2100 or any other update of this Communication).


14.  Prize Money


The Organizing Committee will provide Prize Money for the final placed Synchronized Skating Teams as follows:






1st  place

US $


US $


2nd place

US $


US $


3rd place

US $


US $


4th place

US $


US $


5th place

US $


US $


6th place

US $


US $




Prize money will be transferred to the respective ISU Member by bank transfer. The withholding tax of China will be deducted. All participating teams are invited for the exhibition gala with an appropriate show number. Failure to do so will result in a reduction from the Exhibition Fee.


15.  The Organizing Committee


All Entries, Hotel reservation and Media accreditation requests, as well as other inquiries should be addressed as soon as possible to the Chinese Skating Association as described below:


Chinese Skating Association (CSA)


Xu Yue

E-mail: and

Phone: +86 21 2023 8316




16.  VISA


Organizing Committee and Shanghai Skating Association will provide necessary support to all participants for their application of entry visa of People's Republic of China. Requirements for Chinese visa is different, depends on your nationality, please contact Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to get more information.


Please return the official Visa Request Form with passport copy to OC as soon as possible but no later than Monday, October 23, 2017, it will take around 10 working days to issue the Visa Invitation Letter.




All participating teams of the ISU Shanghai Trophy will be required to participate in the Gala Exhibition on Sunday, November 26, 2017.